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Fly the Mood and Close to Nature Summer Outdoor Hiking and Barbecue Activities of Witstar Group

Date:2017年7月4日 12:55

In order to enhance the cohesion of enterprises and promote the communication between employees, as well as to enjoy our leisure time and find interesting objects, the Group decided to organize the staff in Harbin to make outdoor hiking tour and have barbecue activities on June 10, 2017.



Although the weather of the first two days before the start date was not like the one in June due to the low temperature and storms, which did not affect everyone's enthusiasm. Wang Meng, our company’s Labor Union Chairman and the General Manager of Huafu Food Company, serving as the chief planner of the event, who personally explored the ways after work and planned the hiking routes and barbecue sites, moreover, due to the busy business, many colleagues were on a business trip, so he undertook the procurement work of main materials on his own initiative. Since the activity was mainly self-service barbecue, on the afternoon of June 9, each department sent representatives to prepare for tomorrow's barbecue ingredients, the company’s canteen was full of people. Each staff personally strung the lamb cut by the chef into hundreds of bunches within a short time, as well as a variety of cooked food and condiment. Everything was ready and everybody was looking forward to tomorrow.




At 7:40 on the morning of June 10, all the staff set was completed, and two medium-sized buses departed at 8:00, one of which was an owned vehicle by the subsidiary of the Group - a new energy vehicle for green travel (here into the advertising: the vehicle was the Dongfeng A08 pure electric commercial vehicle of nine seats with fashion appearance, huge space, no limited lines, Sanyuanli lithium battery, no block in winter, which could be rented in any forms, and was a good choice for the travel of the family and company. For more details, please contact Heilongjiang Tengchi New Energy Vehicle Investment and Management Co., Ltd.). It was pleasant weather, and the people wearing sportswear reached the hiking location - Harbin Municipal Government Square, which was located in Songbei District, Harbin City. The chief planner was already waiting for the people at the square with wide space. Each person could have one bottle of mineral water after getting off the bus, and then they would have a group photo under the background of government building.




The hiking started at 9:30, the staff walked accompanied by the cool river wind, they talked, sang, took photos and also some people led the way in the front. After a while, some girls felt tired, so the boys were rushing to help them carry their bags. The pictures sent from company’s Wechat group showed the barbecue location, the destination was getting closer, which encouraged everyone to walk forward.



The hiking team arrived at the barbecue destination - Xiaojun Country Home at 10:40 to meet with the pre-prepared colleagues, all the staff participated in the preparation of lunch, people made fire and cut fruit, and soon everybody could feel the good smell of the kebabs baked by the staff. Mr. Ren Jianhui, the General Manager of the Group, announced the wine words, he gave full recognition to the past work, and also sent a high degree of expectation for the future work, at the moment, the sun came out from the cloud and its golden light shone on everyone’s smiling face through the shade of trees. Everybody shouted: "Cheers!" and the barbecue time started.




Enjoying the beautiful natural scenery, the lofty pine trees, green cypresses and the blue lake surrounding us, we opened our hearts to sincerely communicate and drink, the friendship flowers quietly bloomed, which filled the air with fragrant fragrance. The next round was games, including tug of war and squatting, the staff of the company rapidly formed into four new teams, the members gave advice and suggestions, study tactics and work together to win the first place for the team. All the people enjoyed this very happy moments of joy with cheering, shouting and laughing. 



Walking along the river made us feel the growth of all things; shouting during the tug of war taught us to be united; squatting game brought us the delight of collaboration; baking the kebabs let us experience the mutual love. At 14:30, the activity came to an end successfully. Through the activity, all the staff could forgot the tired work, promote unity and communication, and enhance the confidence on the development of enterprise. Let us convert this vigor and vitality into the enthusiasm and motivation of work to create a more brilliant future of our company!

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