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2017, A Brilliant Start in Kazakhstan Market

Date:2017年6月5日 08:37

In April 2017, reputable as the largest city of Central Asia, Almaty owns its clear air and vibrant vitality its 70% green area coverage. And here comes good news, the "Supply Contract of Locomotive Components" between our company and the partner from Kazakhstan has been officially signed, whose main content include that our company shall supply 6 categories and 51 items of locomotive components products for the customers of Kazakhstan. The contract products are diesel parts, electrical appliances, valves, air compressor parts and bearings. The signing of the contract signifies the beginning of the cooperation with non-state-owned locomotive maintenance enterprises of Kazakhstan, at the same time, it also marks that the company has fully entered the rail transit market of Kazakhstan.

Different countries and languages can not block the communication and cooperation between us and the cooperation result is significantly gratifying. In accordance with the Group's strategic direction of development, at the end of 2015, the company started to conduct its business in rail market of Kazakhstan, and did a profound research of the same. For more than one year, the company has sent the technical engineers team and business team to Kazakhstan for project inspection for several times, and actively communicated and exchanged with Kazakhstan Railway Corporation and other related railway enterprises to understand and analyze the actual condition and difficulties of its customers. Our company, with continuous optimization and improvement, customizes comprehensive solutions and recommendations from a professional point of view for the customers; through great efforts, the company won the recognition and trust of Kazakhstan partners. "Throwing a hundred times of rope before the cliff, then you may climb over it!", after overcoming difficulties one by one, we entered into the contract, which is a win-win success for both parties. In this long process, all the staff worked hard for the contract, contributing their wisdom and effort which helped to achieve the first stage victory for the company to enter Kazakhstan market with their tenacity and perseverance. Our self-confidence and strength were enhanced to carry out the following task.

Any qualitative change of performance is derived from the accumulation of quantitative change. The Supply Contract of Locomotive Components is just a beginning. Up to now, in Kazakhstan, in addition to the provision of components of locomotives and vehicles, and the construction installation equipment for maintenance, the company also cooperates with China's many outstanding state-owned enterprises and Kazakhstan local partners to jointly carry out the construction of urban rail transit and other EPC large-scale projects. Through the excellent coordination of our team members, the rail transit business will be flourishing, and will be successful in Kazakhstan market!


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