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万博体育官网登录注册|客户端下载Crowned with Complete Success.

Date:2017年3月28日 15:18

  Delicious Huafu ice cream accompanies us in sweet 2016, and the environmentally friendly new energy car drives us toward 2017. The track of the locomotive symbolizes the glory, and Jin Dingxin's fireworks burst into bloom. 2016 is an extraordinary year for Witstar. We walked together in 2016 and we are confident and hope to continue forward in 2017. To welcome the arrival of 2017, "A new starting point, a new journey" Witstar Group 2017 new year annual meeting and 2016 annual outstanding staff awards ceremony held smoothly on January 21, 2017 in the Harbin Banquet Chinese Restaurant. All staff of the Group, the colleagues of subsidiaries and the group leaders gathered together to celebrate the festival!


  At 8:20 in the morning, entering into the main venue and we were first attracted by the red sign-in wall with a Witstar logo. People went to sign successively and posed for pictures. At this time, the scene was lightened by bright lights. There were busy staff and performers preparing for the show. It was near the curtain time, and everyone became excited. Accompanied by passionate music melody, the big screen started countdown, Officially began. Four full-dress hosts came onto the stage and announced the official start of the New Year annual meeting. There was a round of applause in the audience.

  The host first guided the audience to watch the corporate videos of Witstar Group. The video described the group's development history and brilliant achievements. Everyone was immersed in the shocking pictures. After the video, the chairman of the Group Mr. Ren Jianchao and general manager Mr. Ren Jianhui came to the stage and brought the New Year's congratulations and speech. The two leaders reviewed Witstar people's hard-working yesterday, and placed the ardent hope on the arrival of 2017. General manager Mr. Yang of Heilongjiang Tengchi New Energy Automotive Investment Management Co., Ltd. and general manager Mr. Wang of Heilongjiang Huafu Food Co., Ltd. also gave a speech. General manager Mr. Zhao of Heilongjiang Witstar Rail Transportation Equipment Co., Ltd. sent his blessings via VCR. The leaders'speech was full of strength and inspired all Witstar people.

  At 9:30, 2016 Annual Outstanding Staff Awards Ceremony officially began. The host read award speech for each outstanding staff, and the big screen showed the photos at the same time. This moment was extremely exciting and this moment belonged to the outstanding staff who worked hard for the company. At this moment, everyone's smile became the most brilliant. There was a round of applause in the audience. The group general manager Ren Jianhui came to the stage to award the outstanding staff and posed for pictures.

  At 10:00, artist performace officially began. The opening dance was a dynamic dance from Huafu Company's employees, which brought down the house. The dance was just as passionate as they are in the sales market. Good shows were one after another. There were the allegro performances with financial knowledge, relaxing dances, handsome hip-hop, and passionate solo.

  There was a sketch named “Brotherhood” occupying the stage for the longest time. It was also the most touching show, making people cry and laugh at the same time. The brotherhood revealed in the sketch is just like the long and sincere affection between brothers and sisters in Witstar Group. Applause was not interrupted. During the performance, we were more surprised to receive the blessing of the brothers and sisters from Turkmenistan. Although they are in a foreign country, their heart is with us. A sumptuous lunch table was placed during the performance. The group leader proposed a toast together, and the atmosphere reached a climax. Food, great shows and wine integrated. There was also a lucky draw in the middle of the meeting to offer awards and bonus. We all believe that our company will welcome a great harvest in career in 2017.

  At 13:30, the annual meeting drew to an end. The atmosphere was more like a family to celebrate the festival. People drank and laughed. Looking back on 2016 and talking about 2017. The music sounded. Four hosts came onto the stage again and announced “a new starting point, a new journey” 2017 New Year Annual Meeting of Witstar Group successfully completed. We believe that the more beautiful 2017 is waiting for us to create and strive. Let's bless that Witstar Group would be more brilliant in 2017!

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