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万博体育官网登录注册|客户端下载iness Communication Simulation Contest

Date:2017年3月28日 09:15

  On the afternoon of November 5, 2016, Witstar Group “business communication simulation contest” held in group activity room. The purpose of the activity, on the one hand, is to help the interviewer examine candidates’ actual combat ability and flexibility. On the other hand, it can help new employees enter into the role as soon as possible and get familiar with the business. The event has won the strong support from the leadership of the group, and attracted the extensive attention of the staff.


  The contest invited to the general manager Yang of Tengchi Motor Company, general manager Wang of Huafu Food Company, deputy general manager Li of Orbital Corporation, the Group finance director Pang, and human resources director Yang as the judges of this contest. Three teams participated in this contest, the vibrant Huafu team, the professional rail team, and the Jin Dingxin team. The teams were fully prepared in advance, and will show us a wonderful simulation exercise.


  At 13:10 on this afternoon, the cameras and projectors were ready in the indoor activity room. The seats for judges, audiences, and performing guests were set. There were a lot of boxes of mineral water and a refrigerator with ice cream in the corner of the room. Wonder how they would be arranged in the script later.




  The contest started officially at 13:30. The appearance of the group general manager Mr. Ren Jianhui in the audience made the competition atmosphere even more intense. The host announced the start of the contest, and the audience responded with warm applause. The first show was from the rail team. They brought a scene play named “Gallop Wisely across the Market”. Four players dressed in suits, and immediately entered the role. This play mainly showed the negotiation process with the main engine plant about Kazakhstan parts procurement project. Before the negotiation, they learned about the competitors, and prepared PPT for company propaganda. Their negotiation language was very professional. With logical thinking step by step, they eventually achieved good results and won the cooperation opportunity. The audiences applauded and celebrated the joy together.



  The second was Huafu team. The theme of their scene play was “business negotiation between the regional representative and the dealer”. The protagonist, Yuqi, the regional representative of Huafu Company came onto the stage, holding a briefcase and thoughtfully wandering. Although he was in Tianjin far from the headquarters Harbin, he was still very calm. He collated research data and negotiated with two big business companies many times, showing the spirit of perseverance. Mineral water and ice creams turned out to be their props in order to make the scene more realistic. The music and pictures during the play pulled the audience into the environment set by Yuqi. The negotiation ended with a victory. They revealed the conflicts and problems in the business negotiation process incisively and vividly. But the more we see are optimism, confidence and persistence. Applause and laughter rang again.



  The last team was Jin Dingxin team. The subject of their negotiation is the procurement and transportation of fireworks products in 2017. The negotiation context is the 8.12 Tianjin bombing, after which the regulations on administration introduced new regulations. Witstar Group finally achieved the victory through professional negotiation skills, and fully understanding about the market environment. New regulations appearing in the operation of our projec did not stop the pace of progress but prompted the business personnel to keep up with the times and to prepare more good response plans. Applause arose to congratulate on the victory of the 3 million 500 thousand motion.



  The wonderful performance of the three teams ended and brought the audience more like a real business battle. Five judges gave the comments, respectively. The chief planner of this contest, group human resources director, Yang Chunhui made a final summary. The results of the competition would be combined with the script of the participating teams and the performance in the scene to make the final evaluation. At 16:30, this simulation contest brought a successful close.


  This contest is a rare opportunity for all employees to learn and improve. Especially for those who have not really involved in business negotiations, they can understand the process of business negotiations and business negotiation skills. For the company, this kind of activities offers an effective practical template for the selection and training of new staff recruitment. The human resources department of the company will also organize more similar activities combining the development of enterprise and the growth of employees.

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